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Freeze Dried Apples are made of fresh, and superior apples. Freeze Drying is the best way of drying, it retains natural color, fresh flavor, and nutritional values of original apples. Shelf life is enhanced furthest.

Freeze Dried apples can be added to Muesli, Dairy products, Teas, Smoothies, Pantries and others you like. Taste our freeze dried apples, Enjoy your happy life every day.

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Type of drying Freeze Drying
Certificate BRC, ISO22000, Kosher
Ingredient Apple
Available Format Dices, slices
Shelf Life 24 months
Storage Dry and cool, Ambient temperature, out of direct light.
Package Bulk
Inside:Vacuum double PE bags
Outside:cartons without nails

Benefits of Apple

● May Improve Gut Health
Apples are rich in soluble fiber.  Apples stimulate metabolism within the digestive tract and promote good bacteria in the gut. This prebiotic effect leads to improved health by maximizing nutrient uptake and eliminating harmful bacteria and toxins.

● Good for the Heart
Apples help lower the risk of various other heart ailments. The antioxidant property of apples reduces the oxidation of fats, called lipid peroxidation. It also neutralizes various fats found in blood vessels that can exert dangerous pressure. The flavonoid, quercetin, reduces inflammation in our blood vessels, while the polyphenol, epicatechin, lowers the blood pressure in the body.

● Linked to a Lower Risk of Diabetes
The polyphenols in apples have been directly linked to reducing the uptake of carbohydrates by the body. Some research focusing on apple vinegar showed that it can reduce the fluctuation of blood sugar levels that occur in the bloodstream, an important factor for keeping diabetes in check. The polyphenols also lower glucose absorption in our digestive tract and stimulate the release of insulin from our pancreas, which is necessary to keep the blood sugar levels in check.

● May Be Helpful in Improving Dental Health
Eating apple helps in cleaning both teeth and gums.

● May Promote Brain Health
The potent abundant antioxidants in apples protect the brain cells against oxidative stress.
Apples also increase the amount of acetylcholine in the brain, which is linked to improving concentration, problem-solving, and memory.

● May Aid in Weight Loss
Both the high water content and fiber in apples increase satiety, thereby reducing appetite and overeating. Meaning, they are burned off quicker, or not absorbed by the body at all, which can be great news for millions of people struggling with obesity.


100% pure natural fresh apples

No any additive

High nutritive value

Fresh taste

Original color

Light weight for transportation

Enhanced Shelf Life

Easy and wide application

Trace-ability for food safety

Technical Data Sheet

Product Name Freeze Dried Apple
Color keep the original color of Apple
Aroma Pure, delicate fragrance, with the inherent taste of Apple
Morphology Slice, Dice
Impurities No visible external impurities
Moisture ≤6.0%
Sulfur dioxide ≤0.1g/kg
TPC ≤10000cfu/g
Coliforms ≤3.0MPN/g
Salmonella Negative in 25g
Pathogenic NG
Packing Inner: Double layer PE bag, hot sealing closelyOuter: carton, not nailing
Shelf life 24 Months
Storage Stored in closed spaces, keep cool and dry
Net Weigh 10kg/carton


Q: Are you a factory or a trading company?
A:  We are a factory in producing FD foods more than 26 years. Our factory has 301 staffs with a R&D team more than 60 technical professors.

Q: Can you supply some samples and how to get it?
A: Yes. we can supply samples free of charge (total quantity less than 500g). You only need to bear the shipping cost.

Q: How about your package?
A: All of our package for our products are packaged in double PE bags inside, carton outside. The net weight for each package is 5kg, or 10kg for different products.

Q: How about your payment?
A: We accept payment L/C, T/T, Cash and so on. Payment item is 30% T/T in advance, balance 70% T/T before shipment.

Q: Do you accept OEM or ODM?
A: Yes, we accept OEM or ODM cooperation.

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