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Freeze Dried Bananas are made of fresh, and superior bananas. Freeze Drying is the best way of drying, it retains natural color, fresh flavor, and nutritional values of original bananas. Shelf life is enhanced furthest.

Freeze Dried Bananas can be added to Muesli, Dairy products, Teas, Smoothies, Pantries and others you like. Taste our freeze dried bananas, Enjoy your happy life every day.

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Basic Info

Type of drying

Freeze Drying


BRC, ISO22000, Kosher



Available Format

Dices, slices

Shelf Life

24 months


Dry and cool, Ambient temperature, out of direct light.



Inside: Vacuum double PE bags

Outside: cartons without nails

Benefits of Bananas

● Superfood
A banana a day keeps the doctor away. Bananas have many more vitamins and nutrients than other round fruits.
Bananas have many carbohydrates,  Vitamin A and iron, phosphorus,and they are also rich in potassium, fiber and natural sugars.
The vitamin C, potassium and other vitamins and minerals bananas contain help to maintain overall good health.
This wealth of nutrients makes bananas a “superfood” that should be an integral part of your healthy daily regimen.

● Energy Booster
Bananas are a better source of energy than expensive sports drinks.

● Better Heart Health
Because they are rich in potassium, bananas help the body’s circulatory system deliver oxygen to the brain.

● Natural Laxative
Eat bananas, and you might say goodbye to constipation. Well-ripened bananas have a type of fiber that helps to restore and maintain regular bowel functions.

● Put a Smile on Your Face
Bananas have a small amount of tryptophan, an amino acid that when combined with bananas’ natural vitamin B6, helps boost the production of serotonin, a “feel-good hormone.”
This mood-regulating substance may help your mind and body relax so you feel happier.

● Soothe Ulcers
Bananas help to increase mucus in the digestive tract, which can help heal or even prevent stomach ulcers.They help reduce the irritation of the digestive system by leaving a protective coating around the inner walls, making it a natural way to promote intestinal health as well.


100% pure natural fresh Bananas

No any additive

High nutritive value

Fresh taste

Original color

Light weight for transportation

Enhanced Shelf Life

Easy and wide application

Trace-ability for food safety

Technical Data Sheet

Product Name Freeze Dried Banana
Color Yellow, keep the original color of Banana
Aroma Pure fragrance of Banana
Morphology Slice
Impurities No visible external impurities
Moisture ≤6.0%
TPC ≤10000cfu/g
Coliforms ≤100.0MPN/g
Salmonella Negative in 25g
Pathogenic NG
Packing Inner: Double layer PE bag, hot sealing closelyOuter: carton, not nailing
Shelf life 24 Months
Storage Stored in closed spaces, keep cool and dry
Net Weigh 10kg/carton



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