Why Choose Freeze Dried Vegetables?

Have you often wondered if you could survive on freeze-dried vegetables? Do you sometimes wonder how they taste? How do they look? Strike a deal and use freeze-dried foods and you can eat most vegetables in a can almost immediately.

Freeze-Dried Food
You can throw the freeze-dried vegetables in any soup base if you have rehydrated them with tepid water, you just drain them and add to your pot of soup. They cook faster than dehydrated vegetables, so therefore, we would use less power or zero power if we ate them directly from the can.
If you are using a water-based soup you can just throw the veggies into the soup without having to rehydrate them in water first. If you use a cream-based soup you will want to rehydrate them or the soup may become too thick. 

Either way, they are easy to use and taste as close to fresh vegetables as you can imagine once we rehydrate them. They taste a lot better than canned vegetables, plus, the variety is endless.

Let’s be honest here, they are not exactly the same as fresh vegetables, but they taste great! Let me give you some ideas on the different ones I have and use regularly. The fabulous part about these is the fact we don’t have to wash the vegetables, cut, chop or slice them!

Freeze-dried vegetables for soup:
The freeze-dried vegetables only have the vegetables in the packages, no other ingredients added in the vegetables.

Features of freeze-dried vegetables:
They have a long shelf-life, typically 20-30 years, depending on the temperature of the room where they are stored. You can eat them directly. They cook up faster than dehydrated veggies. They will use less fuel to cook.

Cons to freeze-dried vegetables:
They cost more than dehydrated ones, some people say are too expensive. I look at it this way, they use less fuel and last longer on my shelves.

My favorite freeze-dried vegetables:
Carrots, green peas, sweet corn, potatoes,.

If you like this, try it right now.!

Post time: Apr-15-2022