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Freeze Dried  Vegetable Factory

Linshu Huitong Foods Co.,Ltd. is a professional company manufacturing Freeze-dried vegetables and fruits with the rights of oneself-managed import & export. Our company covers of an area of more than 70,000㎡, and our general asset is over 100 millions RMB Yuan. Linshu Huitong Foods Co.,Ltd. has more than 300 staffs with a R&D team more than 60 technical professors.

What are freeze-dried vegetables?

Freeze-dried vegetables are short for vacuum freeze-dried vegetables, also known as FD vegetables. Because of the special process of freeze-drying, the color, fragrance, nutrition, appearance and shape of the original fresh vegetables can be maintained to the greatest extent; in addition, freeze-dried products can be stored at room temperature for more than 5 years without preservatives, and the weight of the finished product Lightweight, easy to carry and transport, it is an excellent way to process vegetables for tourism, leisure and convenience. Freeze-dried vegetables, the former nobleman known as astronaut vegetables, have quietly entered people's lives.

Freeze-dried vegetable manufacturers

Colorful freeze-dried green fruit slices, freeze-dried instant soup, freeze-dried dehydrated seafood, vegetables, etc. can be seen everywhere. In theory, there are hundreds of varieties of agricultural products that can be processed by freeze-drying technology, but due to various factors, the varieties that are really accepted by the market are relatively limited. Currently we export freeze-dried vegetables: freeze-dried corn, frozen green peas, frozen parsley, frozen dried onions, frozen dried purple potatoes, frozen dried potatoes, frozen garlic, frozen green asparagus, frozen dried beans, frozen cucumbers, frozen carrots and many more.

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