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What are spices?

Spice is a substance that can be smelled by smell or taste tasted. It may be a "single body" or a "mixed body". Spices can be divided into two categories: "natural flavors" and "synthetic flavors" according to their preparation methods or raw materials.

How to make freeze-dried spices?

Freeze dry. Freeze drying is different from dehydration in that it retains the nutrients and flavor of the food.

Freeze-dried spices can maintain the original taste and nutrition in the spices, and can increase the preservation time of the spices, so that you can eat fresh and nutritious spices at any time.

Freeze Dried Spice Factory, Manufacturer

Huitong Foods is a freeze-dried spice manufacturer, as a freeze-dried spice supplier, Linshu Huitong Foods Co.,Ltd. is a professional company manufacturing Freeze-dried vegetables and fruits with the rights of oneself-managed import & export. Our company covers of an area of more than 70,000㎡, and our general asset is over 100 millions RMB Yuan. Linshu Huitong Foods Co., Ltd. has more than 300 staffs with a R&D team more than 60 technical professors.

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